“Beyond fresh air, sunshine, exercise and fun, the game of golf has much to offer: Listening skills, Hand-eye coordination, diligence, focus, companionship, patience, participation, involvement, social etiquette, the thrill of progress and achievement.”

Participants from our local Pathways group

“I have been participating with the adaptive golf program in Durango for several years! It is a great way to get outside, exercise, and expand my abilities. I have used golf to recreate with friends and feel like I am a part of a community. Thank You AGP of Durango!”

Best Wishes and Success, Bruce

“Dear Andy

I would like to commend you for planning, organizing and managing the “Adaptive Golf Program” here in Durango.

I personally have found it very stimulating to help people with health or mental issues enjoy the game of golf. It amazes me how talented they become in different areas of the game. I also enjoy watching everyone including the coaches/teachers having a great time interacting with each other and the generous hugs for executing a great shot. Kudos Andy for a great job!!!!”

Randy Kahn
PGA Life Time Pro