change your game


Our ParaGolfer/VertaCat wheelchair changes the game …

Our ParaGolfer/VertaCat wheelchair changes the game …

change your game

use agp’s ParaGolfer/VertaCat

The Adaptive Golf Program, a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation (AGP), in association with Hillcrest Golf Club, is pleased to make available the ParaGolfer/VertaCat Wheelchair to the mobility-impaired community of golfers in Durango, Colorado.  Adaptive ParaGolfer/VertaCat Wheelchair is available for anyone to use even if you are not attending the Adaptive Golf Program sessions. AGP has the only ParaGolfer in the Four Corners and was the 2nd to obtain one in the Colorado, after Craig Hospital. 


Access the ParaGolfer/VertaCat

Please follow the steps below to gain access AGP’s ParaGolfer/VertaCat Wheelchair

Step 1

In order to use the ParaGolfer/VertaCat all users must fill out and sign the AGP liability waiver. Please click the button below to fill out the AGP’s SoloRider Liability Waiver.

Step 2

In order to use the ParaGolfer or VertaCat, you must be accompanied by someone who is trained on the machines. Please contact the Adaptive Golf Program at the number(s) below.

Step 3

The ParaGolfer/VertaCat are free to all users. Donations are appreciated!

Stand Up for Therapy

The ParaGolfer/VertaCat does much more than giving people the ability to play golf . . . It also gives peopole who can’t stand the ability to stand. For some, this is the only opportunity they have to stand eye to eye with their peers. It is life changing!

stand up and play

“The ParaGolfer gave me the gift of standing up and the enjoyment of playing golf.”

—Kelly Kelley, Director of OTA Program San Juan College (Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury)


Health Benefits of the ParaGolfer/VertaCat

  • Promotes better circulation and digestion
  • Provides pressure relief helping to reduce occurance of pressure sores
  • Helps reduce spasticity
  • Standing Therapy

Our ParaGolfer/VertaCat changes the game …

For individuals with mobility-impairments, the ParaGolfer/VertaCat allows users to shoot  their best golf swing. The ParaGolfer/VertaCat is an all-terrain wheelchair that raises the user into a standing position, to allow a more conventional golf swing. The ParaGolfer/VertaCat has opened a whole new world of accessibility.


Find a new level of freedom and independence

The all-terrain Paramobile with its patented stand-up device combines practical know-how with innovative ideas for maximum playing fun. Its unequaled stability when the golfer is hitting the ball enables performance that is comparable to those of non-handicapped players.